Alex Dakos working in his art studio



I was adopted at a week old and grew up in the Los Angeles area. I am a self-taught artist whose earliest works were found drawing in my Grandmothers carpet at the age of 3. I would study insect, animal, and nature books as a child and wanted to be a Entomologist when I grew up. I find inspiration in almost everything found in nature, dreams, classic artists, the music I listen to and the things I've experienced. The mediums that I prefer to use vary between ballpoint pens, ink, graphite, oil paint, spray paint and digital.


In my youth I was heavily preoccupied with skateboarding and graffiti art. Out of high school I did graphic design and marketing as a profession for 15 years. Around 2016 I started taking my art more seriously. I invested in a professional printer, shipping supplies and I began creating art full time. I have so many more ideas to share with you and the world.


Thank you for taking the time to see my works and I hope they can send some inspiration your way.

Artist Statement

I'm a self-taught American illustrator inspired by philosophy, psychology, nature and religion. I work traditionally with graphite on specialized paper, ink and engraving on Claybord or oil paints on wood panel. My artwork seeks to explore an alter universe of my dreams, where spontaneous visuals of new morphed detailed creatures' dwell. My subject matter touches on the synergy between living things and sometimes dead things coexisting, while depicting the frailty of life and our impending mortality. The essence of what I’m trying to capture with my work, is a collaboration between dark moody surreal landscapes and religious undertones, laid out in a highly visual experience. My style tends to have a urban graphical vibe derived from my past graffiti art background, but transformed into a more classical fine art illustrative look. My process is unique in translating the extra fine details found in the natural world, into the hyper detailed cross-stipple line style I execute. My goal is to study every aspect of my environment and the messages within to relate it emotionally, in hopes of reaching the hearts of the viewers. I never want to compare myself to anyone, but would rather just live in it as my truest expression. This is who I am, what I do. My controlled chaos; where I can remain limitless in creation and share my visions. My ability to exceed my own potential is only limited by my time left.

-Alex Dakos

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