"Hello and welcome to my page. A little background about me, I was adopted at a week old and grew up in the Los Angeles area. I am a self taught artist who's earliest works were at the age of 3, in my Grandmothers carpet. I would study insect, animal, and nature books as a child, but I find inspiration in almost everything. The mediums that I prefer to use vary between ball point pens, ink, graphite, watercolor, acrylics, oils, and digital. For most of my life I was creating art as a past time, and I did graphic design as a profession for 15 years. Around 5 years ago I started taking it more seriously. I invested in a professional printer, shipping supplies and I began creating art full time. I am very passionate about art and my goal is to help as many newer artists reach a higher level of skill. I have so many more ideas to share with you and the world. Thank you for taking the time to see my works and I hope they can send some inspiration your way." 

-Alexander Dakos