Q: How long does it take for you to create a painting?

A:  There is no specific amount of time for each piece, since each piece is unique in its making. But to try and answer the question, paintings have taken up to 3 months off and on, and some drawings I have completed in less than a day.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes, However I am very selective on what commissions I spend time on. I try to keep my work consistent with my style to create a fluent body of work. Most of my time is spent on growing my body of work to display at exhibitions. Check out my Book Online for murals and profile drawings.

Q: What kind of brushes do you use?

A: I use a variety of brands, some include Winsor, Trekell and even some cheaper Artist Loft brushes.

Q: Can I purchase original artwork?

A: Yes, original work that is available for sale will be listed under the Shop tab, under available artwork. If you do not see an original that you would like to purchase, you may send my business manager a message via the Contact page of this site to make an inquiry. 

Q: What or who inspires you?

A: I grew up studying insects, animals, and nature in general. I find inspiration in almost all walks of life around me. But if we are speaking other humans I'd say Salvador Dali, Monet, Van Gogh, Revok, Craola, Disney, Bob Ross, Aaron Horkey, Rob Dyrdek, Tai Lopez, Tim Ferris…

Q: Is there a book of your artwork available?
A: Not at this time. I am currently working on one called "The Petting Zoo" which will feature many creatures that I am creating. Hoping to release it sometime in the near future. For help funding this book, please join my Patreon page.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: Anything I am in the mood for really. Some of my favorites include Phantogram, Massive Attack, Beck, Lana del Ray, The Shins, The Glass Animals, Radiohead, Korn, Slip Knot, Deftones, Wu-tang, Psycho Realm, this list can go on forever..

Q: Can you draw me a tattoo?
A: Unfortunately due to painting in the studio I can't. Please feel free to use any of my artwork on this website to get tattooed. But please tag me on your instagram post @alexdakos for credit. You may send me pictures, and I will post them in my stories.

Q. Do you have a tattoo artist you recommend to get your artwork tattooed on me?
A. Try Googling these:

  • Alex Garcia

  • Adam Hathorn

  • David Gonzalez

  • Gunnar


  • Jason Jacenko

  • Jesse Smith

  • Joe Capobianco

  • Jime Litwalk

  • Kelly Dot

  • Tanane Whitfield

Q: Will you design my album cover for my band?

A: Comes down to my schedule at the time and the request being made.

Q: I'm an artist just starting out. Any advice on how I can improve my drawing and painting skills?

A: For me it's all about the details. So to help yourself improve, when you think you are complete with a drawing, go back in and rework it another 1, 2, 3 more times until you are really complete. It's all about the amount of patience one has that makes you great. Add more contrast, add more refined lines, add better lighting. Make sure your composition is on point, and even before you start, make sure there is a good concept incorporated into your work. Practice drawing smaller thumbnails prior to painting. I would also study old masters and even current modern day artists to get into their minds and see the small things that make them stand out. Of course you don't want to copy, but rather expand on their influence with your own creativity and vision..

Q: I love to paint and draw but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to make a career out of it. Any advice?

A: My advice would be to truly analyze what makes you happy in life. If art stands out as number one, then I would say you have already decided what you need to do. Granted to make a career out of it will require a huge amount of dedication, belief in yourself and a great support system. Oh and a good amount of natural talent would also help. :)

Q: Any advice for aspiring artists?
A: Nothing in life is easy, so if you have talent it will just make the hard work a little easier. Continue to work every day on your artwork. Believe in the process, that you will become a known artist. Make your artwork gallery quality, something you would be proud to display at a exhibition. Treat all around you with respect and remain humble. And do everything in your life with good intentions.